The Band


Federico is a drummer. He has been playing drums since he is 16. He was part of several band, of different music genres, from rock, reggae, funky and jazz. He had the possibility to develop a versatile drumming style, often eccentric and mixed. He employs minimal drum sets, with particular attention on the infinite sounds of his snare-drum, able to adapt even to smaller stages. He merges hectic brushes with softer mallets, cutting the rhythm in order to enable fluent infill of other instruments, In smaller settings he supports Dené with his Cajon.


Stefano has been playing guitar for many years, and ultimately decided that music had to be an important part of his life. He has studied classic and rock guitar, and he is lately trying to figure out jazz, planning to get there by the age of retirement. With Dene’ he initially started playing acoustic guitar, to move to electric guitar when the band got a more electric sound. Stefano loves guitars, amplifiers and effects such as delays and wha whas, but hates having to choose among so many options. Next life’s plan is to play the flute, which will require less weight to carry around and less worries to choose the right gears.