Dené Theron is a musician and composer from South Africa who has been in love with music since an early age. As a child, she studied piano, clarinet and music theory and was a member of the Kimberley Choir.

Dené graduated from City Varsity School of Media and Creative Arts in Cape Town, South Africa in 2004 with an Advanced Diploma in Audio Engineering majoring in Music Production. Hereafter she was involved in various musical endeavours, from composing music for theatre pieces to short films, for example the award-winning Ibali, directed by Harold Holscher. See the short film here

Her first album In My Room was a trip-hop album produced by Dené on her home studio. This album inspired multimedia performances which frequented the Cape Town underground Electronic Music Scene in 2005. That same year Dené worked as a Jazz Vocalist and as a lyricist and vocalist for House band The Resonance.

After leaving Cape Town in 2005, Dene’s musical performances gravitated toward her acoustic collection of songs which later lead to her recording her first studio album “1000 Cups Of Tea”, produced by Howard Butcher at Peace Of Eden Studios, South Africa in 2009.

In 2009 Dené also worked as composer and sound designer for Theatre Production Son Of The Wind which toured South Africa in 2010.

Dené since moved to Amsterdam which has been her base since 2010. She now performs her material with her 4-piece band. The latest album Up in the Blue was released in June 2013.

Dené also continues to collaborate with electronic musicians.